What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion Designing

Fashion design is an art of applying aesthetics, design, clothing construction, and natural beauty of objects and their accessories to contemporary or traditional dressing. It is highly influenced by current social and cultural attitudes and varies over time and geographical location. The art of fashion design was born in the nineteenth century with the appearance of Dress Craftsmen in London.

Today, the fashion world can be found all around the world, with fashion designers at work at every major event and happening. If you have an eye for beautiful fabrics, shapes, colors, textures and design, you can become a part of this exciting business. For starters, you need to have basic knowledge of math and science. Although these two subjects may not be your best subjects, you can still get one thing right: you can become a professional fashion designer.

There are two kinds of people working in this field. One is the manufacturer, who usually creates the actual clothes we see on the market. The other kind of people working in this field is the buyer, who decides which clothes designers to produce his line of products. Either way, both of them should know how to choose the latest trends in the market. With a keen eye for what is new in fashion and the ability to translate what is fashionable into reality, you can easily make a name in this field.

If you want to be a successful designer, you will need to start with learning the skills necessary for sewing, embroidery, designing fabrics, and cutting. If you already have these skills, great! Start off by learning the basics so you can develop your own style and eventually, develop the ability to sell your creations. Do not worry about starting small at the beginning. A small collection of garments might be good enough to get you to the next level and that is designing.

A career in fashion designing is not only limited to dressmaking. You can also work in the fashion industry as a photographer, writer, or even a designer of lingerie. The choice is up to you. Even if you are focusing on something smaller like making lingerie, there is still scope for you to be a big thing in the industry. Fashion shows and catalogues will always be big business and you could very well be a star in the making.

Even though there are many different opportunities and fields to work in the fashion industry, being a designer is definitely the most sought after job. It involves very little working hours, minimal supervision, and you get to make stylish garments that can be worn by all kinds of people. So what is fashion designing? It’s an exciting career that you can do from the comfort of your home, and the only thing you need to have is creativity and drive.

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