How To Draw Fashion Figures?

Draw Fashion Figures

On last week’s lesson you learned how to draw fashion figures correctly. It s the first step in any new fashion drawing course, in any new fashion modeling class, and even in any new fashion illustration course. Drawing fashion is not as easy as it seems as you may think. And it requires you to follow some strict rules.

When I started drawing fashion figures I was following a simple rule which I found out from a French teacher. The rule says if you see something that looks good, you must recreate it. So if you see a pose with good proportions and is symmetrical, you should take it. You can look at other fashion figures and make a rough copy of them or you can check out the magazines or even a video and imitate the pose. Once you get the idea of what poses look good and what ones do not then its just a matter of practicing them until they are perfect.

Let us look at one of my favorite fashion figures, the pregnant woman. The pose is called the asymmetrical approach as the upper body is supported by her hands and the lower body is supported by her legs and high hips. To get this pose you should start by drawing the woman’s upper body in a U shape. Next you should move her arms and legs so that her feet are placed flat on the floor and her high hip is pointing down. After this you should trace a line across her torso so that her belly button is clearly visible and you will have a clear picture of her belly and upper torso.

Now let us see how to draw different kinds of fashion figures, the ones with big heads. For the sake of simplicity I will refer to them as the “headless” figures. When drawing such figures you will have to have good knowledge of proportion and the art of perspective. You should remember that you are not trying to make the person look more beautiful but more realistic. This can be easily achieved if you keep your eyes on the target at all times.

Here is another tip. If you are not sure of how to proportionally address the head in the fashion figure, simply put a thin line right below the center of the forehead and draw an imaginary line across the top of the head. This will give you an idea of where to place the central area of the face. In case of a real human body, you would also notice that the central area of the face is slightly higher than the rest of the face.

These tips are meant to help you get a better understanding of the way in which you need to follow certain basic rules in order to have a balanced and well-proportioned figure. You will find that drawing the right proportions will make the figure look more natural and accurate. The best part is that learning how to draw fashion figures will not take much time at all. You can start with simple drawings and from there, work your way up to more detailed ones. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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